Culture Integration for Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A is a powerful growth strategy. However, successful integration after the transaction is tricky.  The DNA of every company is different and when companies come together cultural issues can undermine alignment and teamwork.

In most cases, employees spend too much time speculating and fueling rumors—which produces a counterproductive environment.

Losing customers, top employees, and market focus are serious risks of M&A. While focusing on technical and structural concerns it’s common that culture issues are overlooked. If the communication about the transaction is poorly handled, teams lose focus and momentum because the natural reaction from just about everyone is “what’s going to happen to me?”

Failure to deal with culture issues can result in lower productivity, mistrust, hording information, infighting, and losing top talent. If it’s important to keep your best people, to maintain and grow customer relationships, to protect and build intellectual capital and know-how, then losing key talent could be a disastrous outcome of a poorly managed integration.

We partner with you at each stage of an M & A as your culture integration subject matter expert. We help ensure you maintain business momentum and realize the strategic intent of the merger or acquisition. Our seasoned professionals work with you to address merger-related cultural dynamics.

Pre-Merger Due Diligence

cii can help you:

  • Select the right company to merge with or acquire. Our assessment methodology helps you identify if there is a good or a bad culture fit between the companies in question.
  • Design in high-performance behaviors and processes into the new entity.
  • Identify the key risks, opportunities, and expected behaviors during the integration so they can be managed proactively.

During the Merger Integration

cii can help you:

  • Align your management and your workforce to mitigate warring factions, people not getting on board, and managers fighting to protect their domain.
  • Minimize “culture clash” characterized by “we vs. them” attitudes which when left unresolved can undermine collaboration.
  • Integrate the values and attitudes of both merging organizations as a foundation for collaboration, a common vision of the future, and high-performance working habits.
  • Create loyalty to the new organization that prevents the loss of top talent.

We work with you and internal cross-functional teams to ensure buy-in that protects and delivers on the synergy the merger or acquisition is meant to create.

Post-Transaction Integration

cii can help you:

  • Avoid problems that stem from not managing change effectively.
  • Identify, assess, and build capacity to deal with dysfunctional behaviors, poor workforce alignment, and lack of clear focus resulting from the transaction event.
  • Create a values-driven culture with an aligned workforce.

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