How we help

We partner with leaders to create a positive corporate environment that aligns a workforce around a shared set of core values. This lays a foundation for high-performance thinking and strong work habits. The result is a powerful culture that is a competitive asset.


Our clients maintain high levels of sales momentum and productivity while retaining and attracting key talent during periods of growth, acquisition, merger, joint venture, turnaround, or founder transition/succession.

Culture Integration for Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A is a powerful growth strategy. However, successful integration after the transaction is tricky.  The DNA of every company is different and when companies come together cultural issues can undermine alignment and teamwork. read more…

Culture Design in Turnaround Situations

Considering a financial restructuring as way to turnaround the business? The question is whether spinning off unproductive business units and refocusing on key growth areas is enough, or whether more fundamental, systemic culture change is required.

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High-Performance Leadership & Culture

You are a leader who wants better results from your team. But you’ve got challenges. For example, you may have inherited a group where blame trumps accountability; or maybe internal rivalry overrides what’s best for your business. Poor results and low morale are key indicators of the problem

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Assessment & Change Management

If you run an organization that is growing rapidly or you’ve recently acquired or merged with another company, to what extent has your current company culture evolved? How did you tackle the values differences that generated conflict among employees?

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